Decision-making and management

The City of Helsinki’s service centre enterprise, i.e. Palvelukeskus Helsinki, takes care of producing service-related support services for the City and its communities. We are part of the City’s central administration and operate under a Board of Commercial Services. Helsinki City Council’s decisions affect our operations as well. Operative management is carried out by the Managing Director, who has a fixed seven-year term of office. Palvelukeskus Helsinki has two business units, Multiservices and Telephone and Wellbeing Services, the operations of which are supported by the Financial and Administrative unit.

Board of Commercial Services and the decision announcements

Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s highest decision-making body is the Board of Commercial Services. 
The Board has five members, each with a personal substitute member.
The Board is appointed for a two-year term by the City Board, who also appoint the Board’s Chair and Vice Chair.

You can find the members and deputy members of Palvelukeskus Helsinki's Board, upcoming meetings and decision announcements on the Cify of Helsinki website.

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Responsibilities of Palvelukeskus Helsinki's Board 

  1. Decides on the highest level of the enterprise organisation
  2. Appoints the enterprise manager’s direct subordinate
  3. Decides on a result budget and action plan for the enterprise it governs, including target results based on the budget, the necessary procedures and resources, and the income and expenses generated from the operations
  4. Decides on the enterprise-specific financial statement information to be combined into the City’s financial statement
  5. Decides on commodity and commodity group specific amortisation periods in accordance with an amortisation plan approved by the City Council
  6. Approves the account of the enterprise’s internal supervision and risk management.

Read Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s operating guidelines (PDF)(Link leads to external service)