Patient and resident meals

At senior centres, assisted living facilities and hospitals, food is an essential part of the care and wellbeing of clients. Nutrition is vitally important for health, and mealtimes are important social events.
A younger and older woman are having a cup of coffee together at a table.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

We plan our meals and menus based on our clients’ preferences, nutritional recommendations and special needs. In our meals, we pay particular attention to tastiness and texture, sufficient energy and protein intake and the number of meal events.

Based on orders placed by the nursing staff, we provide our clients with five tasty meals daily:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • afternoon coffee/snack
  • dinner
  • bedtime snack

In our meals, we favour Finnish ingredients and take into account the seasons and holidays. In addition to the tastiness and healthiness of food, we place particular emphasis on the safety of our clients. Our recipes have been tested in our own product development kitchen and we prepare our meals ourselves.

Our clients have their meals at our building-specific restaurants or in groups. Our lunch restaurants and cafés in the care sector locations are also open to visitors.

Special diets

We agree on diets and the principles for implementing them together with experts from the Social Services and Health Care and Rescue Services Division of Helsinki.

  • We provide special diets needed due to health reasons, such as a coeliac diet.
  • We serve texture-modified meals, for example puréed food, to those who need it.
  • We enhance the nutritional intake of clients that struggle with eating, for example, with a fortified diet.