We are Palvelukeskus Helsinki

Palvelukeskus Helsinki in brief

Palvelukeskus Helsinki is an enterprise owned by the City of Helsinki. We work in partnership with City of Helsinki schools and educational institutions, daycare centres, home care services, senior centres, housing units and hospitals, in a total of 500 locations. 

We contribute to more than 100,000 meals in Helsinki daily and manage cleaning services at daycare centres.

We support living at home with a wide range of remote care and wellbeing solutions and produce telephone services. Together with our 1,600 knowledgeable professionals, we take care of Helsinki residents’ basic services.

Our services for Helsinki and its residents


  • Resident and patient meals
  • Lunch, restaurant and café services
  • Home meals
  • School and student meals
  • Meals at daycare centres
  • Snacks at afternoon clubs
  • Summer meals at playgrounds

Read more about our food services(Link leads to external service)

  • Security telephone service
  • Remote care
  • Automatic medicine dispenser
  • Mobile nurse service
  • Home meals
  • Technology solutions to support living at home, e.g. door alarm, GPS bracelet

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  • Multi-channel customer service
  • The City of Helsinki’s telephone exchange and other exchange services
  • Telephone support services
  • Training and consultation services

​​​​Cleaning and laundry services at daycare centres

  • Transport service for the severely disabled and the elderly

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Lobby and reception services for the City’s divisions. You can find us in locations such as the lobby of the Urban Environment House.