Make home meal requests online

If you are our home meal client and do not need a special diet, you can choose home meals online from our weekly meal options. You can make your meal requests using the week-specific forms available on this page. You can view the ingredients and nutritional content of the dishes on our menu site.
Home meals
Photo: Palvelukeskus Helsinki

Instructions for choosing home meals

  1. Choose the delivery dates that have been agreed for you

    At the beginning of the online form, select the delivery dates agreed for your deliveries, either Monday and/or Thursday or Tuesday and/or Friday depending on where you live. You can check the delivery dates in your residential area on our home meal site.

  2. Choose the number of meals included in your agreement

    Choose the meals you prefer for the delivery in question and keep to the number of meals indicated in your agreement. You can choose meals by clicking the checkbox next to the option.

  3. You can choose same meal options for several days

    You can choose to eat the same food several times during the week by entering the number of meals you want in the field next to the meal option.

  4. Submit form

    Click the Submit button to submit your meal request.

Week-specific home meal forms

You can find the week-specific home meal forms at our site Valitse kotiaterioita verkossa. The week-specific forms are only available in Finnish.

Go to site Make home meal requests online (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)