Travel co-payments

In addition to travel charges made to your payment card, trips ordered via the Helsinki Transport Service are subject to a co-payment, i.e. a client fee, based on the public transport prices of Helsinki. You can find the currently applied co-payments on this page.

The City of Helsinki will send you a monthly invoice for co-payments for your errand trips and work or study commutes.

If you have one person accompanying you, no co-payment will be charged for them. During your transport you are entitled to have one companion and children under the age of 13 with you in addition to a person accompanying you, in accordance with the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle. The persons travelling with you will pay a sum equal to the currently charged co-payment for the trip. Children under the age of seven travel free of charge.

Co-payments for errand trips in 2024

Trip Co-payment
Errand trip, Helsinki metropolitan area and Sipoo € 2,95 / trip
Errand trip, Helsinki metropolitan area and Sipoo, ages 7–17 € 1,48 / trip

Monthly co-payments for work and study commutes

In 2024, co-payments charged to clients of the Helsinki Transport Service and those removed from it are as follows:

Trip Monthly co-payment
Work commutes, Helsinki and the metropolitan area € 66.60/month
Study commutes, Helsinki and the metropolitan area € 40,00 €/month
Children, Helsinki and the metropolitan area € 42.35/month
Work commutes, local (ABCD) € 109.70/month
Study commutes, local (ABCD) € 65.80/month