Home meals

Our home meals are ordinary Finnish meals that meet the nutritional recommendations. The meals are prepared in our kitchen and delivered to home care clients, who only need to reheat the meals. The portion includes a main dish and dessert can be ordered separately. We take into consideration clients’ special diets and needs, such as food texture.
Smoked salmon lasagnatte - home meal
Photo: Palvelukeskus Helsinki

As our client, we will deliver meals that suit your diet to your home according to your agreement once or twice week. If you wish, you can choose the home meals to be delivered to you from our weekly changing meal options using the paper form we deliver to your home. If you do not need a special diet, you can also make the selection online. You can find instructions for making home meal requests at the bottom of the page.

Your meal deliveries will not be discontinued even if you do not make any meal selections. We will automatically deliver meals that are suitable for you in accordance with your agreement.

Meal deliveries take place Mon–Fri at 8.00–17.30 according to the delivery schedules in your residential area. The meals are intended to be consumed on the days following the delivery day. The table below indicates the home-meal delivery dates according to residential area postal codes.

You can also place an order for small additional services to be done in connection with meal deliveries, such as replacing a light bulb or taking out the trash. If you wish to know more about the services and their prices, please ask the Home Care Services and Senior Info.

Delivery dates by postal code areas

We deliver home meals in the postal code areas of Helsinki listed below on the following delivery days.

Monday/ Thursday

  • 00370-00390
  • 00410
  • 00510, 00530, 00550, 00560
  • 00620-00630, 00660-00690
  • 00720-00730, 00780
  • 00890
  • 00900-00950, 00970

Tuesday / Friday

  • 00240-00250, 00270-00280
  • 00300 - 00360
  • 00400, 00420-00440
  • 00500, 00520, 00540, 00580
  • 00600 -00610, 00640-00650
  • 00700- 00710, 00740-00770, 00790

Special diets

If you are following a special diet for health reasons or have food allergies, be sure to mention those when starting the use of the service. We also have options for different special diets and needs, such as:

  • coeliac diet
  • fish, milk, egg or pea allergies
  • soft, puréed or fortified diets
  • vegetarian or pescatarian diet
  • All of our meals are lactose-free and do not contain nuts, almonds, celery, kiwi, shellfish or honey.